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Sometimes, life throws you situations that disrupt the path you’re on and send you down another. These Detours can be as simple as a minor inconvenience, or they have the ability to impact the entire course of your life. You do not get to choose what life throws your way. The choice you do get to make lies in how you face these obstacles, with a grunt or with a grin. Detours aren’t the easiest routes by definition, but with the right perspective, you can make it into something beautiful.

 “Relentless positivity no matter the situation is contagious.”

This is the detour life. Be contagious.


20% of our proceeds will be donated directly to a community member in need


Elevate Yourself Graphic Tee

We are pleased to present this bad boy, inspired by our adventures. Grab yours today and start living the DETOUR LIFE!

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